Physiotherapy will get you back on your feet

physiotherapistsPhysiotherapists are those doctors who deeply study parts of medical science like anatomy, physiology and neuroscience to help those people who come for rehabilitation from different kinds of movement disorders and muscular and orthopaedic injuries. They generally use natural methods, massage, exercise, education, special equipment etc. to practise their work.

Frankston physiotherapist specialises in tailor made plans for every different individuals depending upon their personal goals. Before making separate plans for treatment, they take care of all the diagnosis, appraisal and treatment for different types of muscular and orthopaedic situations.


Some common problems which are experienced by many patients are:

  • Excessive fatness
  • Pain in backside of the body and neck pain
  • Chronic headache
  • Pain in the joints
  • Problems related to instability and decreased strength
  • Problems mobility and balance
  • Rehabilitation after operation
  • Sports rehabilitation and pain
  • Pain due to arthritis
  • Sudden pain due to sprain and nervous tension
  • Injuries due to work position


If you face any of the above symptoms, then go to a physiotherapist. Don’t try any type of treatment without the help of a physiotherapist, as that can increase the problem.

The normal types of treatment that physiotherapist recommend are given below in list:

  • Traction
  • Educating the patient about their problem and their cure
  • Needling (Dry) for acupressure technique
  • Pilates based on clinic
  • Different message techniques
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Exercise: Strengthening, balance improvement, loss in weight, increasing the stability and improving the position.
  • Electrotherapy: Ultrasound, therapy related to heat and cold, TENS, muscle stimulation)
  • Muscle strengthening exercises
  • Spine and joint mobilization
  • Taping techniques

Neurological Physiotherapy

The physiotherapist uses massages and specialised exercises to cure various types of problems. Neurological physiotherapy is actually a science which is used by physiotherapist very commonly. It involves on hand exercise for understanding the various patterns of motion in a body, exercise for targeting specific body part and different type of functional based rehabilitation treatment which will directly cure the disease of its root. This special physiotherapy technique is even capable to cure acute and dangerous problems like stroke, problems related to spinal-cord, injury in brain, dystrophies related to muscles, conditions like vestibular, Multiple Sclerosis and other problems related to nervous system.

Physiotherapy for pelvic floor

This is a special type of therapy which should always be done by a trained physiotherapist for the pelvic floor. This physiotherapy helps many children, women, and men to manage their dysfunction incontinence and pelvic floor. This treatment includes an individualised and very encouraging program which shows an effective rate of success. In this treatment, the physiotherapist will simply train you muscles in the pelvic floor to get you rid of different problems.

The training program can help you with the following problems:

  • Weakness in the muscle of pelvic floor
  • Rehabilitation form post-natal conditions and pregnancy.
  • Pain in sexual parts and pelvic muscle
  • Urge in incontinence of urinary movement
  • Stress in incontinence of faecal
  • Dysfunction in bowel movement and bladder in men
  • Recovery from pre or post prostate surgery.

The treatment of these problems also includes various home based exercise programs, which will help you to live a normal and pain-free lifestyle.

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